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Dr. Kim is a graduate of Seoul National University's College of Medicine, the most prestigious medical school in Korea. Afterwards he served in the Korean Army as a military physician. After his service he continued his medical practices at the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre, specializing in Physical medicine and Rehabilitation. His passion for relieving pain in others later brought him to open the Comprehensive Pain Therapy Center in 1989, and served as the first Korean speaking pain specialist in New Jersey.

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Conditions Treated

As the premier pain-management practitioners in the area, we offer a wide variety of treatment options. These treatments range from traditional forms of therapy such as acupuncture and massage therapy to modern, innovative techniques such as our electrical stimulation devices. If you experience any of the following: Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or currently have pain in your back, shoulder, knees, hips, The Comprehensive Pain Therapy Center is the place for you.

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Pain can be triggered and caused by a variety of reasons and can last for short periods or become chronic and persistent.

Many patients who suffer from pain may not be aware of their symptoms or despite experiencing lingering or chronic pain, they just simply choose to ignore it. They continue with their lives without ever seeking medical treatment or understanding the root of their pain. More serious complications and conditions may develop and this is generally when the patients seek treatment for their worsening pain. With over twenty-plus years of experience Dr. Kim has been helping patients feel better every day. Dr. Kim's comprehensive approach to healthcare looks not only to your current health situation but also to preventing and minimizing any future pain.

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Our Services

Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are many instances of varied and serious complications arising from motor vehicle accidents.
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Neck or Back Pain

Neck or back pain is often caused by herniated intervertebral disks, spinal stenosis, facet joint arthritis, etc.
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Osteoarthritis is a disease which occurs with aging when the cartilage protecting the joints fails to regenerate smoothly.Read more »

Shoulder Pain

The most common shoulder pain occurs when the tendons called the ‘rotator cuff’ is torn
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Knee Pain

There are a variety of causes pain occurs: arthritis, car accidents, sports injuries, etc., making walking difficult.
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