How’s Your Back, Young People?

You are on your 20s and 30s, and yet you feel your back is failing you.

Does that sound familiar? Or you can’t simply accept it as part of your every day life because you are young, and you really think it’s not worth your attention.

Yet, here you are in pain and suffering from some chronic inflammation. You are not alone. So sit properly.

Don’t hunch. Don’t sit too long. And don’t slouch.

From the food you eat, to the mattress you are sleeping on, the way you sleep, overeating, and your vices are some of the factors that may contribute to your back pain.

Here is the good news is: You are young, and you deserve accurate diagnosis by a medical doctor with a specialized medical knowledge like Chee Gap Kim, M.D. Comprehensive Pain Therapy Center, located at 535 Grand Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631.

It’s time to talk about those possible bad habits, treatments, therapies, and exercises suited for you.

Thinking of lighting that cigarette before you do the consultation? Don’t ever do it.

You are young, and intelligent enough that smoking results to lower back pain and could lead to osteoporosis.

Here is the truth: Feeling pain at your back is worth your time, so please feel free to contact +1 (201) 541-1111.

You may be unaware of it, but while you are busy scrolling your phone and checking for those notifications, you are eating and treating yourself with foods that do not give you the nutrients your body need.

If you are quite busy with your athletic activities, then now is the best time to be connected with Dr. Kim via Facebook, Instagram, and Chee Gap Kim Website

Young does not mean unhealthy.

If you agree on that, then start treating your body with fruits, veggies, and give yourself the nutrients you needed to enjoy your young life.

Here is another reason why you feel the pain the moment you wake up: Your mattress.

Yes, that is true. Wrong mattress can exacerbate your back pain. So, choose the one that can support your back.

Your sleeping position is important, too. How you sleep should be comfortable.

Do you sleep on your back or on your belly? How many pillows do you need?

Exercising might not be difficult for you, is it? Well, if your answer is a resounding yes, then that’s great.

Young as you are, your active lifestyle is a great help to you so you will lessen the chances of developing back pains.

You probably enjoy lifting weights, walking, biking, swimming, and even as ordinary as climbing stairs.

Give your spine the support it needs, but never overdo. Make exercise your habit.

Do you carry heavy bag, use wrong bikes, and for ladies, wear high heels? If yes, then you might want to do the opposite.

Here are simple tips if traveling: prepare everything, time management, and pack light, have some stretch breaks, bring your comfort kits, and don’t stress.

Being young means you enjoy your plan, you drink plenty of water, and you talk to medical experts.

Young people, your goal should be: No to back pain, yes to happy and healthy lifestyle!

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