Pain-Free 2020

To lead a pain-free New Year must be something on the top of your wish list.

This time, however, this does not have just to be a wish because at Chee Gap Kim, M.D. Comprehensive Pain Therapy Center, located at 535 Grand Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631, any debilitating pain can no longer be part of  be your life. Pain-free 2020 is a beautiful gift for yourself, for your loved ones, and for those you know who are in pain. Seeing your elderly parents suffer from osteoarthritis must break your heart, right? Or perhaps you wished you could just take the pain yourself whenever you see your favorite uncle having such difficulty and trouble walking.To lead a pain-free life means to have an every day life where you feel blessed, excited to see what’s in store ahead, and to see those dear to your heart with a smile.

At Dr. Kim’s clinic, together with the help of his physical therapists, any shoulder pain and knee pain can no longer drag you down. Ask staffs about exercise therapy, medicinal theraphy, steroid injections, cartillage supplement injections, and other treatments so you can start deleting pain in your vocabulary.

This New Year should be more reason for you to look at those closest to your heart with love and happiness, not feeling sorry for their back or neck pain. With Dr. Kim’s specialized medical knowledge, you, your favorite uncle, and your parents can enjoy their lives without pain. If you still have some troubles in choosing the best methods in alleviating pains, the more you must choose the comprehensive pain and treatment methods at Dr. Kim’s.

From Monday- Friday, you can call +1(201) 541-1111, 9:00 AM – 9 PM.

Is it about some physical disabilities that burden you or your patient a lot?

2020 is a year where your mind should be stress-free. When there is pain, there must be a pleasant remedy to alleviate it. Yes, you read it correctly. A pleasant sensation is produced when you opt for Electrical Stimulation to end your pain.

Then get the various benefits of manual and exercise therapy.  Not only this method of treatment free of side effects, you can be certain that you can improve your mobility, restore function, and promote fitness and health.

Is it about some spinal pain that makes you forget to smile?

If 2019 gave you bone fracture, illness, injury, then make your 2020 as a big opporunity for you to move, exercise, function like you used to be, and experience range of motion exercises at Dr. Kim’s.

If 2019 gave you stiff joints, muscle pain, then let this new year give you some relief that Ultrasound can give.Whether you prefer Hot Pack or Cold Pack to ease the pain that you feel, you can trust that Dr. Kim’s medical practitioners and trusted therapists  will guide you along the way.

Talk to Dr. Kim’s specialists, and how Mechanical Traction can be used to relieve pain in your neck, back or spine.

Stretch if you must.

Get the best massage if you want.

Or the acupuncture that you need.

You simply deserve to get rid of that pain.

What about pain rehabilation and electrodiagnostic medicine for your pain?

Just ask Dr. Kim on how you can lead a pain-free 2020.

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