Why Should You Consider Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is not a new idea or term in the medical world. This therapy is mainly centered on helping improve mobility and functionality in groups such as the elderly and athletes. However, physical therapy is for everyone and not limited to these people. People who have suffered illnesses or physical trauma that affects their physical mobility also go through physical therapy. However, not everyone with conditions that could be solved through physical therapy opt for it.

For instance, some people will go for surgery rather than endure physical therapy for a long while. The most important reason you need to consider this option is that it is less invasive but still effective for some conditions. There are many other benefits of this therapy, and here are some major ones.

It improves mobility

Your age doesn’t always determine problems with walking, standing, or moving, and if you have them, physical therapy can be beneficial. Stretching and strengthening exercises in this type of therapy is vital in restoring and improving your movements. Physical Therapists such as  Chee Gap Kim, M.D can also assess you for an orthotic prescription or fit you with appropriate assistive gadgets. The therapy can also help you adapt to the physical activities that you are most interested in to display optimum performance safely.

Helps you recover from sports injuries

Your physical therapist understands how certain sports increase your risk of experiencing specific types of injuries and as an athlete. For example, they know that you are more likely to suffer from stress fractures if you are a marathoner. Because of their knowledge and expertise, they can develop appropriate prevention and recovery programs for you. That is very instrumental in helping you get back to your sport even after getting injuries.

Helping people recover from strokes

Strokes occur pretty commonly, especially among senior citizens. When you suffer a stroke, there are very high chances that you will lose some level of functionality and movement in your body. Physical therapy will help to strengthen the parts of your body that have been weakened from the stroke. Additionally, it is effective in improving balance and gait.

Your therapist can help you improve your ability to move around in bed and transfer from one location to another. Ultimately, this therapy helps patients to become more independent even as they transition into their new lives. They don’t have to depend on people anymore to use the bathroom, move around their homes, and dress up.

Management of age-related problems

As you begin to age, you are more likely to develop conditions such as arthritis and have joint injuries. An experienced physical therapist will help you recover from corrective surgeries for these injuries. He or she will also help you manage such conditions more effectively.

Physical therapy is effective in treating and managing various conditions that hinder your movement and mobility. If you have any of these issues, it is a good idea to try this therapy out.

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